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» » How to protect Kids from Dengue

Dengue is also popularly known as "break-bone fever.” This viral disease spreads through severe mosquito bites. A mosquito known as Aedes Aegypti is the principal transmitter of this disease. Every year anywhere from 50 to 390, million people fall ill with dengue, resulting in more than half a million being hospitalized. The main symptom of Dengue is high fever with rashes everywhere on the body. Most kids suffering from Dengue remain ill for about 10 days. Therefore, one can recover from Dengue, if given right kind of treatment within prescribed time.

 For keeping your kids protected from Dengue, follow these steps:

  • Citronella Oil-Based Creams - Always ensure that you use citronella oil-based cream, spray, and herbal mosquito repellents to protect your kids from Dengue. Use a repellent that contains 30-50% DEET in it for children over 3 months of age.
  • Mosquito Nets - Mosquito nets are essential for kids while they sleep in afternoon. If you do not already have them, install these on their beds. In addition, fix mosquito meshes on windows to avoid mosquitoes enter your house.
  • Long-Sleeve Clothes - Protect your kids by making them wear loose, long-sleeved shirts and long pants when they go out for playing.
  • Staying in safe places - If you are travelling to a dengue-infected area, try to stay in clean hotels and resorts to avoid contact with mosquitoes. In addition, ensure that your room is air-conditioned and proper measures have been taken to reduce the mosquito population.
  • EPA-Registered Repellent - Spray the clothes of your kids with EPA-registered repellent for greater protection. This repellent contains permethrin that helps in keeping mosquitoes away from your kids. Remember, not use permethrin on the skin.
Hope these tips will help you to safeguard yourself and your family from dengue.

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